The Post-Graduate Programs of POLI (i.e. two years Masters Degree in: Civil Engineering, Computing Engineering,

Systems Engineering and Energy Technology) are intended to individuals who already have a University (Bachelor degree)

or technological higher education (third grade in some countries). 

     Masters Courses                                                                                                  Lines of Research

Masters in Energy




Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Luis Arturo Gómez Malagón

Vice-coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marcilio André Felix Feitosa

Planning and operation of energy systems:


- Energy and environment

- Strategic planning and management in energetic systems

- Use of wasted materials

- Control and automation of energetic systems

- Optimization of energetic system operation


Modeling technology and energy systems:


- Thermal cycles applied to power generation

- The development of co-generation process

- Thermochemical biomass gasification

- Sustainable production of biodiesel

- Mathematical modeling and computer simutation for production of fuel gas

- Solar energy

Masters in Systems Engineering

More information: Msc. program



Coordinator: Prof. Carmelo José Albanez Bastos, PhD

Vice-coordinator: Prof. Francisco Madeiro Bernardino Jr., PhD.

Main research areas: 

1. Cybernetics

2. Telematics


Associated research groups: 


- Software engineering;

- Computer Networks and Telecommunications;

- Embedded systems;

- Computational Intelligence;

- Biosensors;

- Biological Modeling;

- Photonics


Main interesting: 


- Biosensors and Photosensors;

- Biomedical applications;

- Biological modeling;

- Programmable hardware;

- Robotics;

- Cryptography and encoding;

- Digital signal processing;

- High capacity networks;

- Network sciences.

Masters in Computing Engineering

More information: Pos-graduation program



Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Byron Leite Dantas Bezerra, PhD.

Vice-Coordenador: Bruno José Torres Fernandes, PhD.


Main knowledge areas:


– Computer Engineering

– Computer Science

– Information Systems


Main research lines:


– Computational Intelligence

– Software Engineering


Main topics researched:


-  Novel metaheuristics for solving real world problems

-  Social Simulation & Stochastic Modeling

-  Pattern recognition & Machine Learning

-  Frameworks, Domain Specific Languages & Tools 

Masters in Civil Engineering

More information: Presentation PEC


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Simone Rosa da Silva

Vice- Coordinator: Prof. Kalliny Patrícia Lafayette




Research Groups:


- Ergonomics and Occupational Safety and Health

- Engineering applied to the Environment

- Technology and Management of Building Construction

-Safety and Sustainable Development

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